Bloodless Revolution has existed under different names and domains for years. Hopefully this is it's final home!


Registered: November 29th 2022
Registrar: Nunames
Host: Lysianthus (who I highly recommend!)
Design: Made just for me by Mal (go commission her!)


I have been making shrines and fansites for a long time. I believe my first real shrine was for the Jrock/visual kei band MALICE MIZER in 2003, titled Azure. Most of my early shrines were for jrock bands! Before that, in 2000, my first website had a ton of mini-shrines for a bunch of anime series. They were basically some text and huge image galleries. They weren't really complicated at all. I wasn't into doing write-ups on the subjects, and I'm still not, because I really am not very good at writing or articulating what I'm thinking, so my shrines won't be text-heavy, unfortunately. I'll do my best, though!


Even though I didn't make it myself, I'm very proud to display it. I chose Uchiha Itachi from the anime/manga Naruto because he is tied with Kakashi as my favorite character, and also, the domain name :P He's such an interesting, complex character and is close to my heart.